Tuesday 5 May 2015

M061-1312-340 Underwater Waterproof Housing Case For Canon Powershot S110 O-Rings

A few years ago I obtained an underwater waterproof housing case for my Canon Powershot S110 this wasn't the WP-DC47. This was an Unbranded housing the housing from Citiwide-Online and is labelled M061-1312-340 on the front. It came with 2 x silcone O rings which was great but given the amount my girlfriend and myself dive the O ring soon became loose after about 6 months so we used the spare and I set about trying to acquire some more.

This was when they problems started I contacted citiwide and they could not provide me and spares to buy and when i tried some branded O rings they were loose and didn't make a good seal the most important thing with an underwater camera. So I was at a loss on what to do, I searched the web and tried to find anyone who had O rings that would fit  but all I found were people who had the same issue is me and I just hit a lot of dead end in my search,  so it looked like I has two choices:

1) Throw the housing away and buy a branded housing (Expensive and wasteful)
2) Find somewhere that could supply me some O rings which fitted the camera. which was tricky and time consuming as I didn't know the size and all I had was the loose yellow O ring.

Well I decided to do number 2 and went after a bit of google-fu to http://www.polymax.co.uk to source the silicone and nitrate O rings trying to see if I could get the correct diameter,  length and material,

As you can see I went through quite a few different materials lengths and sizes but after many weeks till I found the correct size. It was very much a trial and error process.

Which does mean I have a massive amount of spare silicone
I can use for technical diving for my harness.

So as I said above I found an O ring which works in the camera and seals well for the M061-1312-340 underwater camera housing. The O ring is a British Standard O-ring, 110.72mm Long with Cross Section Diameter of 3.53mm its labelled as BS245SR70.

You can find them on the link here on the Polymax site.

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