Wednesday 20 May 2015

Accidentally stealing someone's identity

As you probably know I'm Kevin King and I've using the email address Revkev@major ISP for a long time now. But over the years it seems I've been accidental steal other peoples identities and I can't do anything about it.

This is starting to become a major problem as the volume of email traffic which is mis-send is growing. So it seems my email address very close to other peoples maybe with the additional number or letter. So people have been missing out these additions and  I have been accidentally getting sent other people email. You might at first think "whats the hassle?" just delete it and move on with your life.

Well there lies the rub, Everyday I get at least one email but because these are address to Rev Kev some of the details are very personal maybe asking for relationship advice, electricity company usernames or password, confirming a private or personal chat or even asking for help in time of grief for a relative. So I've always had to be polite or point out they emailed some very private information to the wrong person  and for them to check the email address and resent the message. But even when I do that they still keep on coming at regularity that I know its not going to stop. I did at one point think about setting up a blog called "This is not the Rev Kev you are looking for".

Which is when I read an article in the guardian the other day 
It really struck home that I've been doing the exact same thing all these years. I thought it was just me but no they are others out there to who are  accidentally stealing someone's identity without being about to do anything about it.

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Hope it gets sorted out.