Wednesday 25 November 2009

Impact Crater

Impact Crater, originally uploaded by harry harris.
Is it a bird is it a plane?  this is a shot taken by a friend while travelling on the Eurostar.Makes you wonder if the bird saw it coming?

Tuesday 17 November 2009

Best headline and Sub In the world

If Carlsberg made newspaper stories......

Facebook Fails

Social media is a wonderful thing but as ever there are some people who should maybe think before they post.

Take Me To Your Leader have posted a collection of the best or worst of Facebook. Incuding the classic way to lose your job.

For the full list of them and some comment click on the link below:

Monday 16 November 2009

3G Cable Shoot Out

Phil Crawley from root6 has published the results of the 3G Cable Shootout. This is of interest to anyone who is thinking of kitting their facility out with new 3G HD cable. For the full report see

Monday 9 November 2009

Joining the wave

I have to thank Jeff for for the invite to join the wave. First
thoughts are that it will be great for the corp enviroment were I
already use instant messager and email to colaborate on documents. Let
me have a play and I'll report back soon.