Sunday 9 October 2011

New Venture - Independent State

Liam Hayter  of company Splintergroup the filming company behind a number of the AJA Videos which where shot in the UK. Has left Splintergroup and set up a new venture Independent State with the great tag line of "If it moves, We'll shoot it!"

Blurb from their facebook site
Independent State is a digital content co-operative of Indie freelancers who frankly just love to make things work.

Founded by Liam J. Hayter in 2011, Indie is a different way of doing things. Having created >splintergroup< for Ravensbourne, and with over 10 years experience it felt it was time for a new challenge...

As a fully scalable, adaptable business, Indie can help across the entire spectrum from creative, to production and post, through to Event AV and even design.

Got a project in mind? drop us a line and let's get talking!

Email info(at)

Oh... and we're also on Twitter:

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Well its been a long time baby

Well I stopped updating this blog sometime ago, well nearly a year and a half ago. I couldn't see the point of updating it at the time and thought it was better to keep those thoughts in my head rather than on the internet. Well so much has changed since then. I've lost love and found love and lost it yet again.... ok i promise to be more careful with it next time but in that time I've traveled the world and met some amazing people in a job a truly love...more of that later no doubt. So till then i'm going to sign off for now and promise not to leave it so long next time.