Friday 5 February 2010

Geordie armed with a M16

Monday 25 January 2010

Foot and Amsterdam

Well my foot and ankle seem to be getting better slowly, for a grim day by day photo account you can click on this link

In other news at the weekend  I was in Amsterdam for a short visit, it snowed which made Amsterdam's cobbled streets very interesting with my ankle. The picture below was taken as crossed one of the canal in the southern ring. more shots

But the fun had to end at some point so I had to get up 5.30am to get a flight back to the London Gatwick. On the trip back I was able to take this lovely shot the clouds at 13,000 feet just over the East coast of the UK.

Friday 15 January 2010

have you had an accident that wasn't your fault!

Well no not really, it was completely my fault! I should have looked at what I was doing a been sensible about it. So ambluance chasing lawyers you can stop calling now!.

I've ripped my ligaments in my ankle, which hurts a lot but so what, no dancing this weekend but I'll live. At least they didn't have to operarate.

Thursday 7 January 2010

London Love/Hate

Well as my previous post suggests it was a bit cold in London this morning, I've personally don't think I've seen it so cold. I know it used to get colder up North but never in London.

We cold snap has had a few unfortunate events like the trains being cancelled or the london underground service not having the trains in the correct places for the starts of shifts. This was the scene at mile end on the central line platform this morning. The shot is of the bottom half of the platform and it was this congested all the way up.

SoI did the sensible thing and took the Hammersmith and City line instead and got off at Euston Square. This means a walk down Tottenham Court Road into Soho so i decided to keep off the main drag and head around next to the University of London and down through Bedford Square. When I got to Bedford Square I was greeted with a road and pavement as a complete sheet of ice. So i gingerly walked around the sqaure to on the far side of the sqaure i took this photo.

 The shot reminds me of how lovely and timeless about London is, she may be a hard mistress but she's wonderful to me.

On it's cold in London