Sunday 9 October 2011

New Venture - Independent State

Liam Hayter  of company Splintergroup the filming company behind a number of the AJA Videos which where shot in the UK. Has left Splintergroup and set up a new venture Independent State with the great tag line of "If it moves, We'll shoot it!"

Blurb from their facebook site
Independent State is a digital content co-operative of Indie freelancers who frankly just love to make things work.

Founded by Liam J. Hayter in 2011, Indie is a different way of doing things. Having created >splintergroup< for Ravensbourne, and with over 10 years experience it felt it was time for a new challenge...

As a fully scalable, adaptable business, Indie can help across the entire spectrum from creative, to production and post, through to Event AV and even design.

Got a project in mind? drop us a line and let's get talking!

Email info(at)

Oh... and we're also on Twitter:

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